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Versione 21 finale in lingua italiana del browser Firefox, per sistemi operativi Windows, Linux e Mac OS X. Di seguito la lista dei bug legati alla sicurezza che sono stati corretti con questa versione del browser, oltre alle varie novità implementate:

  • The Social API now supports multiple providers
  • Enhanced three-state UI for Do Not Track (DNT)
  • Firefox will suggest how to improve your application startup time if needed
  • Preliminary implementation of Firefox Health Report
  • Ability to restore removed thumbnails on New Tab Page
  • CSS -moz-user-select:none selection changed to improve compatibility with -webkit-user-select:none (bug 816298)
  • Graphics related performance improvements (bug 809821)
  • Removed E4X support from Spidermonkey
  • Implemented Remote Profiling
  • Integrated add-on SDK loader and API libraries into Firefox
  • Added support for <main> element
  • Implemented scoped stylesheets
  • Added support for window.crypto.getRandomValues
  • Some function keys may not work when pressed (833719)
  • Browsing and Download history clearing needs unification to avoid confusion on clearing download history (847627)
  • 21.0: Security fixes can be found here