ECS annuncia la scheda video Camelot Xabre 600

ECS annuncia la scheda video Camelot Xabre 600

In arrivo la scheda video di SiS basata sulla GPU Xabre 600

di pubblicata il , alle 10:42 nel canale Schede Video

ECS annuncia la disponibilità di una nuova serie di schede video basate sul chip grafico Xabre 600, ad ampliamento della famiglia delle schede video Xabre.

"Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), today unleashed its Camelot Xabre 600 (model name: AG600) graphics card to join its Xabre product line. Empowered by the Xabre 600 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), the flagship GPU of the Xabre series, Camelot Xabre 600 provides increased speed, functionality and power for gaming enthusiasts, thus making itself a contender as the most appealing high-end graphics card on the market.

The Camelot Xabre 600 supports AGP 8X as well as DirectX 8.1. Utilizing the latest 0.13 micron process technology, Camelot Xabre 600’s core clock speed is enhanced to 300 MHz. Incorporating 64MB of high-speed memory (300 MHz as well), this latest Xabre family member enables better graphics quality and faster processing capability. The Camelot Xabre 600 also integrates a proprietary SiS Hardware Optimized Vertexilizer Engine™ and SiS Xmart™ technology, including XmartDrive™, XmartVision™, XmartAGP™ and Xminator-II Unified Driver, creating the best performance-value GPU on the market.

Camelot Xabre 600’s revolutionary new Vertexilizer Engine™ is a unique, hardware optimized design that spreads vertex processing functions between hardware and software, and dramatically increasing efficiency while reducing crucial GPU loading. The built-in Pixilizer™ Engine handles definition to render the most complicated and most life-like 3D imagery, while enhancing the contrast of surface texture and refinement and drastically improving surface mapping for virtual reality. Frictionless Memory Control™ enables blocks of data to be prioritized, thus ensuring that high priority information will be bumped up to the front of the queue. This technology leads a smoother, faster and more powerful data flow that brings gamers more gaming power.

For gaming enthusiasts, deliverance of greater power through higher overclocking capacity is desperately needed while driving 3D games. The onboard Smart Overclocking Utility (SOU), developed by the ECS software team, provides gamers the most reliable way to obtain extra gaming power while driving utility consuming 3D games and without sacrificing stability. By providing 4 checks, including Warning Color Indicator, Reconfirmation Control, Memory Test Verification Panel and Auto Restore, SOU enables gaming enthusiasts to enjoy advanced overclocking features without compromising system safety and stability. If gamers insist on setting a clock speed that threatens stability, SOU’s Auto Restore function will automatically restore the system to the default clock setting while indicating that an abnormal shutdown has occurred. The user does not have to enter safe mode to uninstall and reinstall the graphics card’s driver or reset the clock to the default setting after rebooting their computer.

Camelot Xabre 600’s Xmart Technology™ combines three new features, XmartDrive™, XmartVision™, and XmartAGP™ that enhance performance and bring out the best of what your graphic software applications have to offer. XmartDrive™ can sense the need for speed when entering complex 3D environments. The processing power will be cranked up to grant gamers more overclocking capability. When it’s time to sheath the weapons and download that term paper, the XmartDrive™ automatically spools down the processing power. XmartVision™ gives gamers a visual edge by automatically sensing when a 3D environment may be too dark and making corrections instantly to bring gamers a better 3D graphics quality. Furthermore, XmartAGP™ technology automatically queries the host computer, instantly adjusting the graphics card to maximize performance. Whether your system operates at 2X AGP, or the latest 8X performance standard, Xmart-AGP™ brings out the best your computer has to offer."

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Xmart come Xmast


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