Nuova famiglia di schede madri Springdale da IWILL

Nuova famiglia di schede madri Springdale da IWILL

IWILL annuncia la disponibilità delle nuove schede madri basate su chipset Intel i865

di pubblicata il , alle 12:25 nel canale Schede Madri e chipset

Con la seguente press release ufficiale, IWILL annuncia la disponibilità della nuova serie di schede madri P4SE/P4SG/P4SP , basate su chipset Intel Springdale:

Taipei, Taiwan, May 21st, 2003-High-end solution provider, IWILL Corp. launched significant improved Intel® Pentium®4 desktop solution, P4SE/P4SG series, to support 800MHz FSB and Dual DDR400. Based on the Intel® 865 series chipset for Pentium®4-IWILL P4SE/SG/SP series delivers more balanced system performance to make operation smoother and save time in waiting for data.

Intel has launched new generation Pentium 4® processor that can operate with 800 MHz system bus instead of 533 MHz, the previous highest speed bus. The new 800 MHz bus can transmit information up to 50 percent faster than the previous 533MHz that is the bandwidth became 6.4GB/s. With Hyper-Threading™ (HT) Technology, software programs are enabled to run as there are two processors available with only one processor physically in system.

IWILL P4SE/P4SG series support dual-channel DDR400 MHz system memory to provide exceptional performance across a full range of memory-intensive applications. For the high-end computing, performance enthusiasts will benefit from the extremely high-speed bus and memory technologies. The data transfer rate is up to 6.4GB/s so that system could achieve new levels of memory performance, delivering a better experience for PC users nowadays.

AGP8x (AGP3.0) interface offers the bandwidth for graphics data channel between GPU and the north bridge which doubles that of AGP4x, which features only 1GB/s bandwidth that could lead to data transfer bottleneck. It provides more bandwidth up to 2.1GB/s. Compared to its prototype, PCI bus, which transfers data once per system clock, AGP8X ensures better video graphics performance. IWILL P4SE/P4SG/SP series, with bandwidth of 2.1GB per second offered by AGP8x, will satisfy the performance and scalability needs of future graphics applications, such as CAD/CAM and etc. P4SG series is integrated with Intel® Extreme Graphics™ for basic graphics demand.

All the members of P4SE/SG/SP series are integrated with Ethernet controller for easy way to networking. IWILL are always committed to create higher performance for power users. As a result, P4SE-Gold and P4SG-Gold are also equipped with Intel® PRO/1000 CT Network Connection. Achieve 2X Gigabit performance through Communication Streaming Architecture and enable ASF 2.0-based secure remote management with the Intel® 82547EI Gigabit Ethernet Controller.

Serial ATA improves performance in storage system IWILL P4SE/SG/SP series use latest Intel® ICH5 to supports Serial ATA and offers two Serial ATA connectors. Serial ATA interface is designed to address many limitations of the parallel ATA and provide higher data transfer rate with lower voltage and thinner cable.

Featured with TI IEEE 1394 chip P4SE-Gold and P4SG-Gold fulfills your needs in modern digital life by offering data transfer rate up to 400Mbps. USB2.0 interface allows hot-plug devices and therefore it's easier to add extra devices such as storage or multimedia processing devices into the system. Both P4SE-Gold and P4SG-Gold provide two IEEE 1394 ports and up to eight USB ports for hot-plugged devices

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cla_vice_to21 Maggio 2003, 12:28 #1
bella ciao

a tutti

Nick75021 Maggio 2003, 12:39 #2
bella aspetterei il cantherwood
ulisss21 Maggio 2003, 14:19 #3
Ragazzi Il canterwood è già una realtà.... o meglio una costosa realtà. Ma ci sono già schede veramente valide.
riz21 Maggio 2003, 15:31 #4
Le migliori che ho visto per completezza di features importanti (niente pannelli frontali etc..) sono le Gigabyte, anche con controller SCSI U320!!
riva.dani22 Maggio 2003, 15:24 #5
Eccovi un link sul roundup delle principali mobo con chip Canterwood su HWupgrade...
Io consiglio la Abit IC7-G o la Asus P4PC800...

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