Pacebook disponibile in volumi

Pacebook disponibile in volumi

Disponibile ufficialmente il Bacebook, soluzione che raccolgie in un unico dispositivo le funzionalità di notebook, tablet PC e Desktop

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Con il seguente comunicato stampa Paceblade ha annunciato l'immediata disponibilità del proprio Pacebook, il primo dispositivo che racchiude le funzionalità di tablet PC, notebook e personal computer.
Per ulteriori informazioni sul Pacebook si rimanda a questo report dal Cebit 2002 di Taipei.

Santa Barbara 25 June 2002: PaceBlade Technology today announced its revolutionary PaceBook is now available in the United States.

"We are very excited to be shipping into the most connected nation on earth," said Eric Djie, President of PaceBlade and chief designer of the PaceBook. "The flexibility of our 3IN1 system ensures simple ergonomic and need-driven solutions, and allows us to serve customers and industries that neither a traditional notebook nor a Tablet PC can effectively satisfy today."

An entirely new concept in mobile computing, the PaceBook combines the functions of a notebook, LCD PC and tablet PC. It is the first notebook in the world to work in portrait mode, an application perfectly suited to reading eBooks or surfing the web.

Extensive investment in human factors and marketing research has resulted in not only a stylish product, but the world's most ergonomic notebook. Featuring a wireless keyboard, the PaceBook for the first time allows people the decide how far they sit from their screen, offering them the freedom to find the most comfortable working position, curtailing problems related to Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI). With the addition of a special range of accessories, the PaceBook system is an evolutionary milestone in personal computing. The optional Desktop Stand gives the PaceBook the full functionality of a desktop computer. As a desktop replacement it takes the smallest footprint of any product in the market, and for the first time a PC can be a welcome addition to beautifully designed offices and homes.

"We strive to provide people with products that make their leisure and work lives more comfortable, in terms of computing functionality and great design," added Mr Djie.

Working with vertical markets, the PaceBook's flexible solutions are proving popular with professional industries as diverse as education and construction, and has proved of special interest to the medical community.

"Doctors require more power than a PDA can offer, and their work demands mobility, so a traditional desktop computer is not enough," notes Mr Djie. "The PaceBook's touchscreen and variety of data input methods mean they can take notes easily during rounds, and simultaneously access prescription programs or patient record databases, for instance."

To increase mobility and practicality, the PaceBook can easily be wall mounted, used on tripods, POS devices or in vehicles. It comes in a designer case and can be carried comfortably, thanks to a wide range of standard and customized carry straps. The PaceBook is upgradeable to connect to any wireless environment, including LAN, WAN or cellular.

Specifications: The PaceBook includes a Transmeta Crusoe processor, 128MB SDRAM (upgradeable to 640MB), 20-30GB HDD, CD-ROM (or DVD, CD-RW), and a 12.1" XGA TFT-LCD display with a touchscreen overlay. It comes with either Windows XP Home, XP Professional or Windows 2000. The PaceBook has full connectivity with USB, IEEE-1394, VGA, LAN, modem, and PCMCIA. A number of optional accessories will soon be released, including a port replicator and a CCD camera. An optional stand turns the PaceBook into a fully functional desktop PC used together with a full-size keyboard and mouse. The PaceBook DVD-ROM can be used while sitting in a car, boat or airplane because it does not require an external power source.

The PaceBook is available in North America from the PaceBlade website, or through a fast-growing dealer network. The PaceBook will be shown at New York's PC Expo Wednesday and will be a highlight of its processor partner Transmeta's special event in the Rockefeller Center's Sea Grill Restaurant.

Founded in 2000, PaceBlade has offices in the US, Europe, Taiwan and Japan.
PaceBlade has won several industry awards in Europe and the US.

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Poix8127 Giugno 2002, 12:07 #1
Bello, ma quanto costa????
sidew27 Giugno 2002, 12:48 #2
Pacebook o Bacebook? Correggi il sottotitolo nei link di spostamento delle news quando si riferisce a questa notizia.
eta_beta27 Giugno 2002, 14:11 #3
quanto costa?

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