Poco più di 2 mesi al Computex

Poco più di 2 mesi al Computex

La prima settimana di Giugno la più importante fiera sull'informatica di Taiwan aprirà i propri battenti

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La prima settimana di Giugno la più importante fiera sull'informatica di Taiwan aprirà i propri battenti. Durante i 5 giorni di esposizione tutti i principali produttori taiwanesi di schede madri e schede video, ma anche di qualsiasi altro componente per PC, mostreranno le proprie novità.

Una delle più interessanti novità della fiera sarà l'intoduzione di Theme Pavilions, settori appositamente creati per mostrare specifiche tipologie di prodotti. Quello più grande sarà il Wireless Pavilion, nel quale 24 differenti aziende mostreranno i propri kit wireless. Altri Pavillon, di dimensioni più ridotte, saranno destinati a flat panel displays, ICs, sicurezza e HSCF (High Speed Connection Forum).

Il Computex di Taipei occuperà, in questa prossima edizione, circa 50.000 metri quadri di esposizione, con circa 2.500 espositori presenti.

Lo staff di Hardware Upgrade, come del resto già accaduto lo scorso anno, parteciperà al Computex e riporterà live dalla fiera tutte le informazioni sui nuovi prodotti presentati.

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2003 - Where the Future Will Be Born

One of the world's top three venues for the computer and communications industries, COMPUTEX TAIPEI will kick off on June 2nd, 2003, at the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC). This "must be there" week-long event will bring together a host of big name corporate giants, as well as hundreds of smaller businesses active in ICT, Information and Communication Technology. Some 25,000 volume buyers will descend on Taipei for this event to see 1,148 of Its best companies displaying their best products in 2,467 booths. Over 80,000 visitors will also be there, sampling the latest technologies and products from around Asia and the world. If you're in information technology, if you're in the communications field, this is one event you can't afford to miss. Mark it in your diary now! COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2003, June 2-6, 2003.

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2003 - A Dynamo for IT Growth

Asia's premier exhibition for the ICT industry grows and grows. 2002's show saw almost 2,300 booths occupy 46,600 square meters of exhibition space. 2003 could see a further 200 booths on show in the three main hall. A slew of companies also hire suites just next door at the Hyatt, where product displays and sales sessions take place in a luxurious setting!

2002 also saw a new space made available with the Diversified Products area on Level 2 of the TWTC. In 2003, Components & Parts Area will be there, in a larger space with more booths. Each year at COMPUTEX TAIPEI brings more booths, more action, more business!

2002 also saw a 4.6% increase in the number of international buyers flocking to the show. Expect the numbers to be up again this year, as the ICT industry converges on Taipei to see the future in action.

This is where the industry decides what's coming next. Scheduled in June, COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2003 will be uniquely poised for the start of the "second half" of the year, when a seasonal uptick in demand sees buyers scrambling for boards and components, processors and chipsets, cards and cases, mice, monitors and modems. The very latest, leading-edge time-to-market "must-have" items will all be there. You will be too!

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2003 - Home of must have, hot products

The last two or three years have seen some clear trends emerge in IT and communications. The standard "beige box" PC has now diversified into a myriad of devices. Handheld and portable devices now take advantage of new advances in low-power, longer-battery-life technologies. At the same time, entertainment, multimedia, consumer-level features and wireless connectivity have all been thrown into the mix. The result? A vast range of PDAs, IAs (information appliances), webpads, MP3 players and more are all competing in a new and exciting market sector. See it all at the show!

Flat-panel displays are now replacing clunky, space-eating CRTs! At COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2003, catch the very latest TFT-LCDs as well as more exotic plasma designs. Slim, thin displays for the desktop will be there, as well as hang-on-the-wall TVs. Be there to see them!

The 2002 show saw the arrival of the "pavilions," special areas devoted to state-of-the-art technologies and products, including IEEE 1394, aka Firewire, the connectivity standard that's paved the way for fast data transfer on consumer devices. In 2003, 1394 will be up against the blazing speed of USB 2.0. Wireless, likewise, was a big pavilion crowd puller in 2002. The world wants to be cable-free. Find out how at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2003!

In 2002, Microstar showed off the industry's first Bluetooth-equipped motherboard. What will 2003 bring? There's one way to find out! Be there!

Embedded systems and industrial PC solutions were also there in abundance in 2002. You can bet they'll be there in even larger numbers in 2003, as the embedded market moves ahead.

IC design will also be highlighted at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2003. Taiwan's brilliant progress in semiconductor manufacturing--foundry in particular--has now given rise to a new wave of IC design houses. These "fabless" companies specialize in highly integrated, SoC or System-on-Chip design. With over 100 such design houses now in Taiwan, and with Taiwan's VIA Technologies, for example, taking a lead role in IC design worldwide, Taiwan is right at the leading edge. The very latest developments in design will be in Taipei, in June!

Communications is always another strong theme at COMPUTEX TAIPEI. The world's thirst for bandwidth, broadband access and networked connections cannot be quenched. Taiwan is the communications equipment maker to the world. Make your own connections at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2003!

All the products that have made Taiwan an international byword for innovation and supply for the international PC industry will be there. Notebook PCs, desktop PCs, servers, workstations, mainboards, cards, scanners, memory modules, input devices, digicams, optical drives and software as well as hardware. You name it, COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2003 will have it. Buyers will have only one problem-- how to choose from among the astonishing wealth of feature-rich products, devices, applications and solutions on offer.

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2003 - The educational show

In 2003, the show will have one full day of industry seminars, and these will held in the TICC (Hall 3). It's likely that the morning session will focus on general information and current technology trends, while the afternoon session will be devoted to technologies of the future.

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2003 - The Buyers' Show

COMPUTEX TAIPEI has always been known as a buyers' show. The statistics bear this out. In 2002, 43.7% of all attendees were buyers.

Asia and North America were the regional leaders, supplying 57% and 20% of buyer attendees respectively.

The first five countries with most buyers at the 2002 show were USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and China. The world's top technology buyers will be back in 2003.

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Korn28 Marzo 2003, 10:11 #1
sarà un altra fiera del nulla?
Aryan28 Marzo 2003, 11:15 #2
come SMAU???
Wonder28 Marzo 2003, 12:11 #3
Facciamo un pullman? Lettore Mp3, pranzo al sacco, portatili con LAN wireless e giochiamo a UT in pullman?
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Cmq anch' io penso che sarà la fiera del nulla visto che i primi prodotti interessanti si vedranno appena dopo giugno
Wonder28 Marzo 2003, 16:06 #5
allroa consiglio il COMDEX a Las Vegas, con tanto di puntatine quotidiane ai vari casino
GHz28 Marzo 2003, 18:35 #6
Jaguarrrr28 Marzo 2003, 23:36 #7
Facciamo un pullman? Lettore Mp3, pranzo al sacco, portatili con LAN wireless e giochiamo a UT in pullman?

Sei un genio !!! Ma sapete che figata !!!

Ma c'è un problema... se qualcuno non regge il pulman e siccome gioca VOMITA ?!?!!? D
Yuzuke@8130 Marzo 2003, 04:46 #8
se organizzate io ci sono
ma in pullman dobbiamo partire domani per arrivare puntuali pensate a qualche cosa di più veloce :-)
icestorm8231 Marzo 2003, 17:02 #9
magari meglio la pasta al forno del pranzo al sacco...

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