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E provare magari a mettere insieme "zidoo Z9X anime hi10p" in un box di ricerca, prima dell'acquisto...?
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Can someone tell me if Z9X can play 1080p 10bit H264 aka Hi10P Anime ? I have an X9S but is not capable of playing 10bit H264.
I know 10bit h264 aka Anime is a non standard video compression method, from the investigation i did i need a decent CPU package because 1080p 10bit H264 aka Hi10P Anime needs to be CPU software decoded.
No sorry - doesn't play 10-bit H.264.

You could encode to H.265 with something like StaxRip or Handbrake. I use StaxRip all the time hardware encoding with an Nvidia card and the results are flawless.
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