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PEP: Printer Emitted Particles

Piccola ricerca:

Effects of intratracheally instilled laser printer-emitted engineered nanoparticles in a mouse model: A case study of toxicological implications from nanomaterials released during consumer use

Our data show that there may be an initiation of an immune response following the exposure to PEPs

In toto, findings on lung injury, inflammation and changes in gene expression, point to possible adverse pulmonary effects.

Printer Emitted Particles: Are they safe?
We may conclude that laser printer-emitted engineered nanoparticles can be deleterious to lung cells and may cause persistent genetic modifications that could translate to pulmonary disorders.

Synergistic effects of engineered nanoparticles and organics released from laser printers using nano-enabled toners: potential health implications from exposures to the emitted organic aerosol
The change in PAH composition and the shift form low to high molecular weight in PEPs compared to toner powder might imply an increase the toxicity potential (e.g., carcinogenic and mutagenic) of these PEPs, which raises concerns for human health implications.
Ed invita ad approfondire

In sostanza pare che effettivamente le laser non siano una botta di salute, resta ancora aperto il discorso sul tipo di danno.

Incidentalmente mentre leggevo mi sono imbattuto in altri studi sulle stampanti 3D ...una giungla, anche perchè ci sono molti tipi diversi di materiali che si possono utilizzare

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