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Nuovo sistema by Antec: Antec MX-1

And although defragmentation and other extended sessions of seek/write modes did show up some mild accentuation of seek noise, in normal use, the acoustics of the MX-1 are determined mostly by acoustics of the drive. Choose a quiet drive, and it will be quiet. But it is unrealistic to put in a noisy beast and expect the MX-1 to subdue it.


If SPCR awarded stars, the Antec MX-1 would get five. It's a great little device. Kudos for Antec's design team for coming up with a landmark product.

Sembra carino... interessante poi la possibilitā di collegarlo via e-sata per usarlo come disco di boot lontano dal pc in modo da ridurre il rumore percepito. [N.d.Stig.]
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