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[OT] sperando di non essere bannato

Non so se ve ne siete accorti ma il forum di HwUpgrade questo mese spegne 20 candeline
Luglio 1999 - Luglio 2019

x Paolo Corsini
La data ufficiale del varo qual'?
Per chi si registrato nel 1999 sarebbe possibile avere un nuovo grado tipo "Master Senator User" o "Forum Divinity"
Secondo, la message board esiste sin da Gennaio '99, non trovo riferimenti chiari al forum.
In cambio vi lascio una chicca, si tratta di tre righe che Paolo ha dedicato ad una qualche donzella in quegli anni:

Edit: trovato,

Edit 2: altra chicca
Dear reader, I'm glad to welcome you. My name is Paolo Corsini, I live in Italy and I'm the webmaster of Hardware Upgrade, an Italian hardware related web site on line since September 1997. During last year I've learned a lot about hardware and put all my energy and time to improve my web site, that has quickly become the most famous hardware site in Italian. Today, 9 December 1998, it's the debut day of the English version of Hardware Upgrade; I've decided to open this English mirror in order to provide hardware info to non-Italian web surfers. I know there're so many hardware related sites around the net; I also know that Hardware Upgrade comes from a 15 months experience and that its goal is to give hardware info in a way that is accurate, scientific but most of all understandable.
Surfing through these pages you'll find many "sorry, under construction" signs, because of the beta-state on which the site is...don't worry, it won't last forever ;-)
If you like our work please help us and let others know about this new web site; we appreciate your support very much.
Ah....don't mind my not so perfect English, I hope it can be at least understandable ;-)
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