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Test video 1080P con l'Alcatel Flash Plus 2:

Si attendono miglioramenti con la versione firmware appena rilasciata in Cina, 010003 (ora a bordo c'è la 010001).
Flash Plus 2 Fota Update version 01003’s main improvement compared with version 01001:
1. Integrated Google R6 CTS upgrade package.
2. Incorporated the latest Google security patch!
3. Fixed the Rear camera aperture parameter issue.
4. Integrated the latest MTK platform Critical Patch.
5. Fixed the music issue that wouldn’t allow sound through the headset after plugging it in.
6. Fixed the issue when incoming calls wouldn’t show up for 20 seconds when using Facebook.
7. Improved the Front Camera's Lowlight performance, and improved the previous issue with color cast.
8. Increased the Rear Camera's brightness of the Flash LED, and improved PDAF performance.
Build 01003 Change Logs - Flash Plus 2 - Flash Community
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