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New LineageOS update
Build 21 (Stable 5 "Santa2note")

MD5: ad31b650dd5db54c36af8d110406656b

[lineage] sources updated as of today
[device] audio HALs updated to properly support the new bluetooth drivers, and xml audio policies
[rootdir] our octo-core m2note has now properly defined cpusets, as well as a bunch of tweaks/optimisations for smoothness / reactivity and fast app-opening.
[blobs] device specific blobs were all moved to /vendor instead of /system, which allowed to update a few more binaries (like thermal_manager) and figure that ClearMotion is broken and now disabled.
[kernel] see the changelog on github, there's been a lot since last changelog ion/binder/smi/fliper and a lot of drivers were updated, a lot of CVEs were patched, arm optimized crypto algos are now used (for SHA*/chacha20/etc..), NFS is enabled and supported, exfat/f2fs/sdcardfs were updated, some small battery-performance optimizations were merged (shouldn't be that big but still).

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