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I can no longer access the email address associated with my Blackberry ID

I have this problem, my blackberry ID is associated with an email address that no-longer exists (an expired hushmail account), I thought I remember my password but for the life of me I could not remember how letters were capitalised. I had a few attempts and now I think I'm locked out. samsung galaxy j7 plus ringtone
I would just like to log-out and create a new ID, but it seems impossible, and I am afraid that if I hard-reset it Blackberry Protect will lock me out forever.
How can I get out of this predicament?

Is there a way to unlock my ID providing my password as I remember it and, the answer to my security question and the email address that no-longer works?

Or just to reset my device and start fresh with a new ID without being locked out?
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Thank you

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