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Winsta 3.0.125 per W10M CU
Massiccioaggiornamento per Winsta - la migliore app di Instagram per W10M
◾ Added smooth zooming
◾ Enabled dragging for moving the zoomed area
◾ Removed full screen image view (Except for profile pictures)
◾ Added support for push notifications thanks to Tung Huynh (Indirect developer) and Ramtinak (Minista Developer)
◾ Added support for Adding users to contacts in people hub
◾ Added support for navigating to direct of contact and viewing profile using people hub
◾ Added support for My people
◾ Added support for Windows Share UI (Support for *.png, *.jpg and *.mp4)
◾ Added support for sharing story
◾ Added support for cropping images and videos before posting on feeds
◾ Added support for re-ordering items on feed before uploading
◾ Added multi-window support (Hold shift and select media in profile, search result, direct thread, story, live, collection or etc.)
◾ Added open in new window option to right click menu in most cases
◾ Added support for deleting items in story creation view using hold/right click
◾ Added support for multi-part video story
◾ Added support for hashtag in stories
◾ Added support for mention in stories
◾ Added support for story quizzes answering
◾ Added support for story countdown
◾ Added incremental loading list for profile, Explore and etc. posts
◾ Added support for multiple languages
◾ Added support for updating secondary live tiles
◾ Added pinning support for direct threads
◾ Added pinning support for hashtags
◾ New way of sharing media to stories
◾ Added support for update notification
◾ Added support for viewing comments on post lives (Saved Lives)
◾ Added date for messages in directs
◾ Added badge notification support (Only when direct notifications)
◾ Changed the dialogs to more native flyouts
◾ Better algorithm for compressing and uploading video
◾ Added sound in directs for send and receiving messages
◾ Added support for sending voice messages in directs using backgrounduploader
◾ Added support for sending photos in directs using backgrounduploader
◾ Added support for capturing image on camera in directs
◾ Added voice message play / pause support in direct messages
◾ UI/UX improvements
◾ Fixed is Private toggle switch in settings menu
◾ Fixed captions with line break
◾ Fixed video story uploading crash issue on mobile devices
◾ Fixed errors on uploading videos with Non-accurate X60 Coefficient
◾ Fixed Consent_Required error
◾ Fixed story items positioning accuracy on viewing stories
◾ Fixed story items positioning accuracy on uploading new story
◾ Fixed video uploading to both stories and feeds
◾ Fixed turning live tile off
=> Lunga vita a W10M
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