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L'app Unigram Mobile Messenger di abaculi si aggiorna portando su W10M praticamente tutte le novitÓ che erano state introdotte su PC dall'app ufficiale:
  • Chat Folders: Organize chats using up to 10 Chat Folders. Chat Folders replaced the Unigram specific Chat Filters.
  • Polls 2.0: Visible votes, multiple answers, and quiz mode.
  • Quizzes 2.0: Add explanations that appear after users respond to a quiz question.
  • Improved file sender: Reorder files (if not in album mode).
  • Add a caption for every video or image in the media file sender.
  • New media editor (beta) to crop, rotate, flip images and to draw on them.
  • Videos are sent uncompressed by default.
  • Buttons for rich text editing: Right click / tap and hold on Chat input > Formatting > Show formatting. Or go to Chat Settings > Typing.
  • New built-in themes: Classic, Day, Dark and Night.
  • Redesigned profile pages.
  • Improved stickers, GIFs and emojis.
  • Added categories to GIF selection: recently used, trending, and many more.
  • Preview stickers and GIFs by tap/click and hold them.
  • Many (!) new animated emoji!
  • Get a random number from an animated dice by sending a dice emoji.
  • Send a dart, basketball, or football for the chance of a bullseye/goal.
  • Cache statistics visualized by a ring chart (Settings > Data and Storage > Storage Usage > Clear Cache).
  • Message corners: Tweak the appearance of message bubbles in Settings.
  • Use bots like QuizBot to create quizzes with multiple questions. See how much time you have left to answer a question.
  • Create custom Chat Folders with flexible settings, or use default recommendations.
  • Right click / tap and hold on a chat in your chat list to add it to a Chat Folder.
  • Pin (different) chats in each Chat Folder.
  • Folder sidebar: Display the Chat Folder menu on the left instead of on top.
  • Statistics for big channels: growth and post performance.
  • Copy a MTproto proxy configuration to the clipboard (right click / tap and hold > Copy Link).
  • Automatically fill in MTproto proxy settings on login using clipboard data.
  • Upload up to 2GB per file.
  • Improved app memory management.
  • Turn the display off if the light sensor is blocked while playing an audio.
  • Many more bugfixes and improvements.
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