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Patch 1.2 disponibile

In prima pagina il link per le versioni non steam

Changelog Risen 3 Patch 1.20
New Feature:
- New difficulty mode "Ultra". In Ultra mode the player is not invincible anymore while evading and there is a cooldown while using healing potions

- Balancing adjustments in final sea serpent fights
- Exploit fix: Jaffar doesn't multiply the value of collected gold pouches anymore

- Fixed issue where the player got stuck while jumping after climbing a ladder
- Fixed issue where the player was unable to find the shimmering pearl in collected shells for the "The Sign of the Ancients" quest
- Fixed crash when Jaffar tries to collect an item which is currently under telekinesis by the player
- New session: Fixed rarely occuring issue where corpses where removed from the world so that some quests couldn't be resolved (Honor the Dead, Lost in the forbidden valley,...)
- New session: In some rare cases, there where issues with Zacharias teleport onto Skullisland. Zacharias will be teleported now correctly.
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