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Comunque, per chi non lo sa, le novità principali sono queste:

* Now supports Vista
* Updated user interface
* Additional threat protection
* Updated help file (
* New language support, including French and Italian.

New features:

* Vista compatible.
* Installers now have an upgrade option. When upgrading your Online Armor (free to free, or free to paid) no need to run setup again. (in pratica, non serviranno più due riavvi e le regole saranno ricordate.. anche nella versione free! )
* Direct disk access control.
* Cookie-Cutter improvements – and added the ability to turn it on and off.
* Antivirus engine options added (schedule scan, exclude file types).
* Multi-desktop support.
* Check for updates in Online Armor Free version.
* Manage your hosts file with Online Armor’s HOSTS editor.
* “Trust All” option in the Safety Check Wizard allows fast setup on new computers.
* MAC Filtering added.
* Online Armor can be set not to start at next boot.
* Filter by program added to firewall status screen.
* First boot learning mode is indicated.
* Default "Run Safer" for unknown programs added to OA options.
* In Program Guard, ‘Show deleted items’ filter added.
* In Program Guard, new buttons to manage Trust Level, and Run Safer level.

Enhanced functionality:

* Keylogger detection detects more types of keylogger.
* Advanced-mode options screens allow finer control.
* File scan results screen.
* Popup menus added to different tabs to make consistent.
* LogViewer closes instead of minimizing.

Fixed issues:

* Locked GUI allows popups when opened in different account.
* Blacklist "access denied" bug.
* BlackList "Delete" problem.
* Sometime you can see junk in the autorun popup.
* Import "sites.sav" file to My Websites doesn't work.
* "File system scan is done" message issue.
* Intermittent web shield bug that caused system freeze.

Si può scaricare il setup in italiano da qui: e cliccando su Online Armor V3 (Beta Version) Windows 2000, XP, Vista
(è la trial della versione a pagamento, ma una volta scaduto il mese, si trasforma in OA free )
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