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19-06-2015, 07:52
TP-LINK TD-W8968 (v4) - Scopo del thread

Il modem TP-LINK W8968 esiste in diverse versioni hardware (v1/v2/v3/v4).
Questo thread si occupa esclusivamente del TP-Link TD-W8968 (v4).
Questo thread Non si occupa di altri prodotti TP-Link
Questo thread non si occupa di argomenti non strettamenti relativi al TD-W8968 (v4)

Thread TP-LINK W8968 v1 (http://www.hwupgrade.it/forum/showthread.php?t=2487813)
Thread TP-LINK W8968 v2 (http://www.hwupgrade.it/forum/showthread.php?p=39787159)
Thread TP-LINK W8968 v3 (http://www.hwupgrade.it/forum/showthread.php?t=2643716)

TP-LINK TD-W8968 (v1/v2/V3) - Differenze
Differenze v1-v2
La v2 dispone della funzionalità Guest Network Wifi (assente nel v1)
La v2 ha antenne da 5dbi (la v1 ha antenne da 3dbi)

Differenze v2-v3
I modellI W8968v1/v2 usano un chispet Ralink/Trendchip/mediatek
Il mdoello W8968v3 usa un chispe Broadcom

Prodotti TP-LINK - Identificazione modello prodotto e revisione hardware

Prodotti TP-Link - Identificazione prodotto e revisione harware (sito TP-Link italia) (http://www.tp-link.it/Article/?id=46)

TP-LINK TD-W8968 (v4) - Descrizione prodotto

What This Product Does
TP-LINK’s TD-W8968 300Mbps Wireless N USB ADSL2+ Modem Router is an incredibly robust all-in-one device allowing users to access high-speed internet connection via ADSL or Ethernet WAN (EWAN) using its interchangeable LAN/WAN port and share it wirelessly at 300Mbps wireless 802.11n speeds. With its multi-function USB port, users can share printers, files and play media across the local network or access files from attached USB storage across the internet using the TD-W8968’s FTP server function.

Multifunction USB Port - Easy Sharing
Using the TD-W8968’s multi-functional USB 2.0 port, users can share printers, files, 3G modem or play media either throughout the network at home with several different computers or even away, using the device’s FTP server functions so that you never have to part with your files.

Interchangeable LAN/WAN Port - Versatile Connectivity
The TD-W8968 supports ADSL or Ethernet WAN connections (EWAN) that allow users to have the flexibility of different Internet connections among ADSL, cable or fiber modem using its interchangeable LAN/WAN port. This unique feature makes it easier when users need to change to fiber or cable services when necessary.

All-in-One Device - Clear up your desktop!
The TD-W8968 does the work of several networking devices packed into one sleek device. With an ADSL2+ modem, NAT router, switch and 300Mbps wireless access point, this device eliminates the need to purchase multiple devices to access and share a high-speed wireless Internet connection.

300Mbps Wireless - More Power to You
With 300Mbps 802.11n wireless and 4 Megabit LAN ports, the TD-W8968 is the ideal choice for bandwidth heavy users that rely on speedy, reliable connections for bandwidth intensive work or entertainment such as lag-free conference calls, HD video streaming or online gaming.

IP QoS – Efficient Bandwidth Control
IP QoS allows network administrators to allot a specific amount of available bandwidth to each network connected device simply by identifying it by its IP address, ensuring that those devices with critical tasks always have enough bandwidth and preventing any one device from hoarding bandwidth from the rest of the users on the network.

IPv6 Ready
This device supports IPv6, which is foundational to the next generation Internet and enables a range of new services and improved user experiences.
Guest Network
Guest Network Access provides secure Wi-Fi access for guests sharing your home or office network.

TP-LINK TD-W8968 (v4) - Caratteristiche prodotto

•High speed DSL modem, NAT router and wireless access point in one device providing a one-stop networking solution
•Wireless N speed up to 300Mbps makes it ideal for heavy bandwidth consuming or interruption sensitive applications like online gaming, Internet calls and even the HD video streaming
•USB 2.0 port supports Storage Sharing (Samba or FTP), 3G Modem Sharing, Media Server, Print Server and multi accounts
•Supports the latest Internet Protocol IPv6 to future-proof your network
•Ethernet WAN (EWAN) offers another broadband connectivity option for connecting to Cable, VDSL or Fiber modems
•Guest Network Access provides secure Wi-Fi access for guests sharing your home or office network
•Wireless Schedule makes it possible to turn your WiFi On/Off according to your own schedule
•IP based Bandwidth Control makes it easier for you to manage the bandwidth of devices that connected to the modem router
•Wi-Fi On/Off Button allows users to simply turn their wireless radio on or off
•Easy one-touch WPA wireless security encryption with the WPS button
•Easy Setup Assistant with multi-language support provides a quick & hassle free installation
•SPI and NAT firewall protects end-user devices from potential attacks from the Internet
•WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryptions provide user networks with active defense against security threats
•One-stop IPTV setting solution makes it easier to set up your IPTV
•Annex M doubles the upstream data rate
•Auto-reconnect keeps user online indefinitely

TP-LINK TD-W8968 (v4) - Specifiche prodotto

4 x 10/100Mbps RJ45 Ports
1 RJ11 Port
1 USB 2.0 Port
1 Power On/Off Button
1 WPS Button
1 Wi-Fi On/Off Button
1 RESET Button
External Power Supply 12VDC/1A
Dimensions (W X D X H) 7.7*5.1*1.4 in. (195×130×36mm)
IEEE Standards IEEE 802.3, 802.3u
ADSL Standards Full-rate ANSI T1.413 Issue 2
ITU-T G.992.1(G.DMT)
ITU-T G.992.2(G.Lite)
ITU-T G.994.1 (G.hs)
ITU-T G.995.1
ADSL2 Standards ITU-T G.992.3 (G.dmt.bis),
ITU-T G.992.4 (G.lite.bis)
ADSL2+ Standards ITU-T G.992.5
Antenna Type Omni directional, Detachable, Reverse SMA
Antenna Gain 2 x 5dBi

Wireless Standards IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
Frequency 2.400-2.4835GHz
Wireless Security Support 64/128 bit WEP, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK,
Wireless MAC Filtering

Quality of Service Bandwidth Control
Port Forwarding Virtual server, DMZ, ACL(Access Control List)
VPN Pass-Through PPTP, L2TP, IPSec Pass-through
ATM/PPP Protocols ATM Forum UNI3.1/4.0
PPP over ATM (RFC 2364)
PPP over Ethernet (RFC2516)
IPoA (RFC1577/2225)
PVC - Up to 8 PVCs
Advanced Features Ethernet WAN (EWAN)
Guest Network, Wireless Schedule
Parent Control
Traffic Shaping(ATM QoS) UBR, CBR, VBR-rt, VBR-nrt;
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), DHCP relay;
Network Address Translation (NAT);
PVC/Ethernet Port Grouping
Static Routing, RIP v1/v2 (optional);
DNS Relay, DDNS,
IGMP snooping V1/2
IGMP Multicast,
Security NAT Firewall,
SPI Firewall,
MAC / IP / Packet / URL Filtering
USB Sharing Storage Sharing
FTP Server
Media Server
Print Server
Management Web Based Configuration(HTTP),
Remote management,
Telnet management,
Command Line Interface,
SSL for TR-069,
SNMP v1/2c,
SNMP over EOC,
Web Based Firmware Upgrade,
Diagnostic Tools

Certification CE, FCC, RoHS
Package Contents TD-W8968
External Splitter
RJ-11 Telephone Cable
RJ-45 Ethernet Cable
Quick Installation Guide
Resource CD
Power Adapter
System Requirements Microsoft® Windows® 98SE, NT, 2000, XP, Vista™ or Windows 7, MAC® OS, NetWare®, UNIX® or Linux.
Environment Operating Temperature: 0℃~40℃ (32℉~104℉)
Storage Temperature: -40℃~70℃ (-40℉~158℉)
Operating Humidity: 10%~90% non-condensing
Storage Humidity: 5%~90% non-condensing

TP-LINK TD-W8968 (v4) - Datasheet prodotto

TP-Link W8968 (v4) - Datasheet - inglese (PDF) (http://www.tp-link.it/resources/document/TD-W8968_V4_Datasheet.pdf)

TP-LINK TD-W8968 (v4) - Risorse web supporto

TP-Link WD-8968 (v4) - Pagina web info prodotto (sito TP-Link Italia) (http://www.tp-link.it/products/details/?categoryid=219&model=TD-W8968)
TP-Link WD-8968 (v4) - Pagina web info prodotto (sito TP-Link Global) (http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/?categoryid=219&model=TD-W8968)

TP-Link WD-8968 (v4) - Pagina web supporto (TP-Link italia) (http://www.tp-link.it/support/download/?model=TD-W8968&version=V4)
TP-Link WD-8968 (v4) - Pagina web supporto (TP-Link Global) (http://www.tplink.com/en/download/TD-W8968_V4.html)

TP-LINK TD-W8968 (v4) - Immagini prodotto

TP-LINK TD-W8968 (v4) - Manuali & documentazione

TP-Link WD968 (v4) - Manuale utente - inglese (PDF) (http://www.tp-link.it/resources/document/TD-W8968_V4_UG.pdf)
TP-Link W8968 (v4) - Guida rapida - inglese (PDF) (http://www.tp-link.it/resources/document/TD-W8968_V4_QIG.pdf)

TP-LINK TD-W8968 (v4) - Firmware

Essendo il W8968v1/W8968v2/W8968v3/W8968v4 prodotti con hardware completamente diverso i firmware per una versione hardware sono incompatibili con le altre (e vivceversa). I firmware per W8968v3 sono solo per v3.

Nota: potrebbero verificarsi dei casi per cui sul vari siti nazionali TP-LINK non sia presente la stessa versione del firmware. La versione firmware scaricata da un sito TP-LINK non italiano è comunque valida per i modem venduti in Italia.

Changelog firmware
- Initial reelase

TP-Link W8968 (v4) - Firmware v. 04.05.2015 (GUI inglese) (http://www.tp-link.it/resources/software/TD-W8968_V4_150504.zip)

TP-LINK TD-W8968 (v4) - Programmi/manuali configurazione funzioni aggiuntive

TP-Link W8968 (v4) - Manuale Storage Sharing Application - Inglese - PDF (http://www.tp-link.it/resources/document/TD-W8968_V4_Storage_Sharing_Application_Guide.pdf)
TP-Link W8968 (v4) - Manuale Print Server Application - Inglese - PDF (http://www.tp-link.it/resources/document/TD-W8968_V4_Print_Server_Application_Guide.pdf)
TP-Link W8968 (v4) - Manuale Media Server Application - Inglese - PDF (http://www.tp-link.it/resources/document/TD-W8968_V4_Media_Server_Application_Guide.pdf)
TP-Link W8968 (v4) - Manuale FTP Server Application - Inglese - PDF (http://www.tp-link.it/resources/document/TD-W8968_V4_FTP_Server_Application_Guide.pdf)

TP-LINK TD-W8968 (v4) - Programmi gestione funzionalità

TP-Link W8968 (v4) - USB Printer Controller Utility - Inglese (http://www.tp-link.it/resources/software/TD-W8968_V4_USB_Printer_Controller_Utility.zip)

TP-LINK - Compatibilità stampanti USB

TP-Link - Lista compatibilità stampanti (http://www.tp-link.it/common/compatible/print-server/)

TP-LINK - Compatibilità chiavette USB 3G

TP-Link - Compatibbilità chiavette 3G (http://www.tp-link.com/en/support/3g/)

TP-LINK TD-W8968 (v4) - Simulatore menu

TP-Link - Simulatore menu (modem ADSL) (http://www.tp-link.com/en/support/emulators/?pcid=203)

TP-LINK TD-W8968 (v4) - Sorgenti firmware

TP-Link - Pagina web sorgenti GPL modem ADSL (http://www.tp-link.it/support/gpl/?categoryid=548)

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26-06-2015, 20:10
Si sa qualcosa su che chipset monta e su eventuali differenze con v3?

26-06-2015, 20:37
stesso chipset del v3

26-06-2015, 22:24
stesso chipset del v3
Che tu sappia stessa versione di chipset broadcom?
Se fosse uguale anche la versione, allora mi sa che toccherà aspettare per scoprire le differenze tra v3 e v4.

26-06-2015, 22:55
stesso identico chipset
Broadcom 6318 entrambe le revisioni hardware

16-08-2015, 15:11
qualcuno sa quando esce questa V4?

27-02-2016, 10:51

New features/Enhancement:
1. Added switch for TR69 enable/disable.
2. Added Arp Binding function(Advanced -->Security-->ARP Binding).
3. Increased the Pre_share key length from 15 to 255 in IPsec VPN.
4. Added Firewall switch in ppp connection.
5. Added Iran in wireless country option.
Bug Fixed:
1. Fixed the bug when setting PPPoE\L2TP\PPTP password with 31 special characters in Quick Setup ,the WAN configuration shows error.
2. Fixed the bug that it fails when setting 32 characters password for L2TP/PPTP dial up.

1. For TD-W8968(EU)_V4
2.Your device's configuration won't be lost after upgrating.

22-03-2016, 09:43
Ciao, ho questo router da venerdì ed ho un problema (ovvio, altrimenti non posterei) con il print server.
Connetto la mia Samsung ML 1710 alla porta USB, stampante laser monocromatica dichiarata completamente compatibile dalla documentazione del produttore TP-Link.
Installo i software per la stampa di rete sul noetebook dal quale voglio produrre documentazione, e succede il fattaccio.
Lui mi fa vedere la stampante, ma col nome in rosso, senza darmi la possibilità di connetterla ed usarla.
Ho letto varie guide del produttore, ma non risolutive.
Qualcuno ha avuto problemi analoghi e saprebbe indirizzarmi verso una soluzione?

13-08-2017, 10:55
devo comprare un modem-router ADSL economico e ho visto allo stesso prezzo questo TP-LINK TD-W8968v4 e il TP-LINK TD-W8960N, 19.90 Euro usufruendo di uno sconto per i TP-Link su un noto sito online.
Quale mi consigliate globalmente?
Grazie 1000

12-05-2018, 19:27
ho collegato il router TPlink 8960 tramite la porta LAN1 ad un modem telecom Sercom.
Desidero collegarmi tramite wifi al tplink e via ethernet al sercom e poter far stare i computer in rete .
Ho provato ma se accedo da un pc in wifi riesco a vedere le cartelle condivise dell'altro pc collegato in wifi al tplink ma non le cartelle del pc collegato in rete ethernet al router Sercom.

Come mai ?

Sul tp link ho disabilitato il DHCP mentre sul Sercomm è attivo.

L'indirizzo del tp link è nel range impostato sul Sercomm