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12-10-2007, 12:42
It's been a while, but we are still around and have decided that it's time to funnel our steady stream of daily changes into a release again.
One main source of improvements has, as always, been FFmpeg, which added support for several new video and audio codecs along with speedups and massive code cleanups.
MPlayer now supports Real RTSP authentication and the libnemesi streaming library as an alternative to live555. Also, many QuickTime over RTSP streams can now be played. There have been various improvements to TV streaming, Intel Mac support should be complete.
Support for VC-1 in MPEG-TS and MPEG-PS will make many HDTV streams work. Blu-ray or HD-DVD playback is not possible yet, but MPlayer can play the EVO files after they have been decrypted.
MPlayer now assumes square pixels as found on LCD panels. If the video on your monitor appears squished or stretched please use '-monitoraspect 4:3' to get back the previous behavior.
It is no longer necessary to patch the sources to get AMR audio support. Instead, download AMR libraries for Linux and install them as described on that page.
Note that this release will not compile on current (as of this writing) Cygwin versions due to a missing llrint implementation in Cygwin. You will have to wait for the next gcc upgrade in Cygwin or patch either Cygwin or MPlayer locally.
There is no need to download binary codec packages if you already have an older version.

MPlayer 1.0rc2: "AreWeThereYet?"
console messages and XML documentation converted to UTF-8
Russian documentation translation finished
Russian man page translation finished
Chinese man page translation finished
Chinese documentation translation started
Documented get/set/step properties in DOCS/tech/slave.txt
Intel Music Coder audio decoding via lavc
Monkey Audio audio decoding via lavc
Fraps v2/v4 video decoding via lavc
Video game codecs: 4XM audio, Electronic Arts ADPCM audio, Delphine CIN audio and video, Interplay DPCM audio, Sierra VMD video, Tiertex SEQ video, Westwood IMA ADPCM audio, XAN wc3 video, Id CIN video, Interplay video, XAN ADPCM audio, Westwood SND1 audio, Feeble Files DXA video, THP audio and video, Renderware TeXture Dictionary video, Bethesda Software VID video via lavc
video game codecs: XAN wc4 video via binary DLL
libmpeg2 updated to 0.4.1
fixed resolution switching with libmpeg2
handle resolution switching for Real codecs
FFmpeg video decoder can now handle aspect ratio changes
AMR now handled via libamr wrapper (http://www.penguin.cz/~utx/amr)
SIMD optimizations for mp3lib under AMD64
Implemented switch_video and switch_program consistently with switch_audio (default keys are "_" and TAB, respectively). For the time being program switching is only available in TS streams handled by demux_ts.c (not libavformat), while video switching is also handled by demux_lavf.c and demux_avi.c.
audio and video switching for the AVI demuxer (video switching untested)
GIF demuxer improvements, should work with all GIFs now
support for VC-1 in MPEG-TS and MPEG-PS files (BD,HD)-DVD
support for EVO demuxing
support -noidx with libavformat demuxer
support for channel navigation with PVR input
text subtitles should now work with libavformat demuxer
cleaned up TiVo demuxer
authentication for Real RTSP streams
near-precise seeking in dvd:// and dvdnav:// (dvdnav:// requires libdvdnav from mphq)
speed selection when playing dvd:// streams, to make drive quieter
support SVQ3 and H.264 in X-QT over RTSP, now RTSP Apple keynotes work (live555)
SMIL playlist over Real RTSP
support H.263-2000 over RTSP (live555)
fix AAC-LATM over RTSP (live555)
support AMR over RTSP (live555)
support H.264 over RTSP (live555)
"device" and "adevice" suboptions now work for the *BSD BT848 TV driver
dvdnav:// now depends on MPlayer's fork of libdvdnav
teletext support for tv:// (v4l and v4l2 only)
radio support for *BSD BT848
channel scanner for tv://
fine tuning for tv://
driver autodetection for tv://
libnemesi RTSP/RTP support
EOF detection for RTSP (live555)
Intel Music coder audio decoder
Fraps v2/v4 video decoder
H.264 decoding speedup
Slice-based parallel H.264 decoding (-lavdopts fast:threads=N)
native NUT demuxer updated to spec
native NUT muxer
NUT muxing and demuxing support via libnut
WMA encoder
fix MJPEG-B on big-endian systems
lowres support for some H.264 files
DTS/DCA audio decoder
Atrac 3 audio decoder
MPEG-1/2 speedups
RoQ muxer, video and audio encoder
QTRLE encoder
AC-3 decoder
Matroska muxer
Monkey's Audio demuxer and decoder
Flac encoder and decoder speedups
AMV demuxer and audio/video decoder
iWMMXt-accelerated DCT and motion compensation for ARM processors
obsolete fame filter removed
vf_geq speed-ups
vf_yadif green frame fixed
fix af_pan when switching audio streams
add audio left/right balance feature to af_pan
write to output streams (currently only file:// and smb://)
support -ffourcc with -of lavf
removed B-frame warning message
fixed bugs that would corrupt headers in the video stream when using telecining and not patch the TFF flag correctly
Complete Intel Mac support
Hitachi SuperH (SH3) support
Blackfin optimizations
ALSA audio output now sets the non-audio bit for AC3 passthrough even if the user-specified default device name tries to clear it
fixed internal VIDIX in Solaris/x86, also auto-enabled
rework of internal VIDIX, now a fully static library with builtin drivers
updated VIDIX ATI drivers
Sun XVR-100 video output driver
monitorpixelaspect=1 is now default. Set monitoraspect=4/3 to get the old behavior (if you have non-square pixels).
libdvdcss updated to Subversion HEAD, now same as upstream version
libmpdvdkit split into libdvdread and libdvdcss
obsolete Xvid 3 support removed
long-deprecated -vop option removed
video stream switching
dvdnav:// honor -alang and -slang
support for doubleclick as input event
-really-quiet works as expected now
select libavformat demuxer (-lavfdopts format=)
internal minilzo removed in favor of FFmpeg implementation, use liblzo2 for encoding
change GUI dependency from libpng to libavcodec
ability to change subtitle size during playback
ability to turn loop on/off during playback
Apple Remote support
libdvdread updated to 0.9.7
many compiler warning fixes
MPlayer 1.0rc2 can be downloaded from the following locations. Please be kind to our server and use one of our many mirrors.
Switzerland HTTP FTP
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MPlayer 1.0rc2 is also available on BitTorrent.
BitTorrent coming soon
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