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  • Versione: 0.10 RC2
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  • Licenza: Freeware closed source
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SSDlife è uno strumento di diagnostica per unità Solid State Drive. Di seguito le note a corredo fornite dal produttore per questa nuova beta pubblica:

  • CleverCheck mode – running checks by schedule, without continuously Running in background
  • Fixed the error that prevented SSDlife from running under Windows XP
  • Settings – now can run automatically on the system startup
  • Main window – last check details – added disk monitoring start date
  • Some changes made in the HDD lifetime estimation algorithm – the first Calculation takes more time, but the final result is more accurate
  • Added displaying detailed information on S.M.A.R.T. attributes
  • CleverCheck™ is a unique (not available in other products) algorithm for
  • Checking the state of an SSD. Its operation logics is extremely simple
  • SSDlife starts and, if doesn’t detect any changes in the SSD health (health
  • Rate % did not change), the program simply closes. The internal task manager
  • Runs the checks by a schedule; by default that’s once every four hours
  • This way, SSDlife does not keep your computer’s RAM occupied and does not disturb the disk by its frequent checks, while still notifying user of
  • Changes in SSD health that take place